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Ultra-light and incredibly compact, GY440 Series gyros offer the setup ease you want, combined with the features you need. Each has a 3-pin male connector and a trimmer that limits servo travel or gain adjustment. Information is displayed clearly with green and red LEDs, and they're all S.Bus and S.Bus2 compatible.

Shared Features

  • Single-axis operation
  • One-cable connection to receiver
  • Easy to install, with minimal setup required
  • Remote gain and AVCS/Normal mode switching from transmitter
  • Trimmer on gyro for manual gain and servo travel adjustments
  • Dip switches for selecting gyro direction and servo pulse width
  • Red and green LEDs for setup ease and status awareness
  • S.BUS/S.BUS2 capability

All gyros include: mounting pads, S.Bus Male to Male cables, adjustment tool and hook & loop strip.