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RAMA mini Quadcopter Diatone DIY FPV 250 V1 G10 Mini Quadcopter Frame Kit 250mm

UWAGA! W skład zestawu wchodzi sama konstrukcja ramy bez osprzętu elekrycznego.

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This mini-sized quadcopter is built from high quality and ultra durable polyamide nylon and measures in at a mere 250mm with great FPV capability. This inexpensive FPV quadcopter frame is perfect for FPV racing or obstacle course flying at your local field.
The one-piece nylon frame is extremely durable, giving you the confidence to rock the FPV race season and yet only weights 110g. The front platform is designed to handle up to a 2 servo pan and tilt camera setup and the rear platform supports the video transmitter, to keep it all nice and balanced.
The FPV 250 features a center bay large enough for most popular flight controllers and includes a top crash cage for protection. There are four integrated strap slots on the bottom to securely hold the battery in place for high G maneuvering. The FPV 250 motor mounts can handle anything from a 1506 to 2208 motor and the vented arms provide plenty of cooling for your 7-12A ESCs.
Brand: Diatone
Item No: 250 V1
Item name: FPV 250 V1 Mini Quadcopter Frame Kit
Width: 250mm
Height: 80mm
Weight: 110g(without electronics)
Motor Mount Bolt Holes: 12/16/19mm
Built from high quality and ultra durable polyamide nylon.
One-piece nylon construction for durability.
Mounting support for a 2 servo pan and tilt camera and video transmitter.
Large 55×55mm cage bay to protect flight controller.
Wide range of motor and power potions.
Required (package not include):
4 x Motors 1506*2208
4 x 10*15 Amp ESC
4 x 5030*5045 Prop (2CW & 2CCW)
1 x Multi-Rotor Control Board (Recommend KK2.1)
1 x 800*1300mAh 7.4*11.1V (2s or 3s) Lipoly battery

The following products in our website are usage for this FPV250 V1 frame kit:
ZMR 1804 2400KV motor
DYS BE1806 1400KV Brushless Motor
DYS BE1806 2300KV Brushless Motor
EMAX MT1806 KV2280 Brushless Motor
EMAX MT1804 KV2480 Brushless Motor
EMAX BL1806 1650KV Brushless Outrunner Motor
JFRC D2206 1900KV motor
Emax Simonk Series 12A ESC
SimonK 10A ESC&RCX 1804 2400KV Motor Gemfan 5030 Propeller
Gemfan 5030 Plastic Propeller
5030 Carbon Fiber Propellers
KK2.1 Flight Controller
Ace 11.1v 1300mah 25c lipo battery
YKS 1300mah 7.4v 20C LiPo Battery
Package included:
1 x 250 V1 Frame Kit