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Kod producenta: DYS-SE-2205
Wysyłka od: 20.00 PLN
Producent: DYS

DYS  Race Edition Series delivers exactly what quad racing pilots have been looking for from motors in this tough and demanding class.

With imported NMB bearings, N52 magnets, 0.2mm laminations and available in CW and CCW configuration, the Race Edition Series of motors are capable of producing a massive 1kg of thrust! and that's more than enough to transform your quad into a serious racing contender.

This special edition motor has a PCB but has no motor wires connected.  This allows custom fitting to suit your frames configuration and reduce weight.  

• New design with imported NMB bearing
• N52 magnets and 0.2mm lamination
• Powerful and capable of providing over 1kg of thrust 
• Hollow shaft with screw to fix the shaft
• Nylon Prop Nut

KV: 2550Kv
Operating Voltage: 12-16.8V
Maximum Current: 27.8A
Max Power: 411.4W
Max Thrust: 1020g (14.8V  on 6045 Propeller)
Shaft: 3mm
Weight: 31g
Suggested ESC20A
Cell Count: 3-4S
Bolt Hole Spacing: 16mm & 19mm
Rotation: CCW