Kod producenta: TL48025-03
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Głowica FLYBARLESS 450 SPORT/PRO/V2 – Głowica 450 DFC Flybarless
UWAGA: Tarcza sterująca nie wchodzi w skład zestawu należy ją dokupić oddzielnie.

Product Descriptions:
  • Applicable to TAROT450DFC (TRCH45162/TRCH48015) modified DFC rotor head
  • Tilt rod structure design, the unique hinge design can partially balance rolling moment
  • 6061-T6 aluminum alloy with CNC processed
  • New design trapezoidal damper rubber applied
  • Ultra-low C.G. and short main shaft design, the rotor level closed to the C.G. of whole vehicle
  • New DFC main rotor housing applies 3 “V” type main shaft tightening design
  • There are laser scale line on New DFC main rotor housing and on the top of main grip
  • 85 degree hard rubber applied for DFC damper, metal Main Rotor Holder with larger size bearing moves trust bearing inside
  • New looseness-proof feathering shaft with tensile-resistance design applies 480 size
  • Please note when you install thrust bearing, the large diameter one shall be installed closed to the hub (“IN” mark faces inside) to transmit the pulling force smoothly. And the one with ball bearing faces  inside to avoid lubricants spilled out.
  • Package without swashplate
  • 450DFC Main Rotor Housing Set/ Sliver x 1
  • 450DFC Main Shaft x 1 (108MM)
  • 450 DFC Head Damper x 2(Φ4xΦ7.0x4.0mm)
  • 450 DFC Main Shaft Screw x 1(M2.5 x10.5mm)
  • M2.5 Nylon Lock Nut x 1
  • Metal Main Rotor Holder with big-size bearing × 2
  • Bearing × 2(Φ4.0xΦ8x3.0mm)
  • Thrust Bearing × 2(Φ4.0xΦ9x4.0mm)
  • Washer × 2(Φ4xΦ5.9x0.5mm)
  • Bearing × 2(Φ4.0xΦ9x4.0mm)
  • Washer × 2(Φ2.5xΦ4.5x0.3mm)
  • 12.9 Degree M2.5*15MM Cup Head Hexagon Collar Screw× 2
  • Cup Head Hexagon Collar Screw ×2(M3×15MM)
  • M3 Nylon Lock Nut ×2
  • 450 DFC New Feather Shaft TRCH48009 (Φ4.0x54.0mm) × 1
  • 450DFC Main Rotor Holder Extension Arm× 2
  • Flange Bearing x 2(Φ2xΦ5x2.5mm)
  • Plain Bearing x 2(Φ2xΦ5x2.5mm)
  • M2.0 Cup Head Hexagon Screw x 2(M2.0x9mm)
  • M2.0 Cup Head Hexagon Screw x2 (M2.0x5mm)
  • 450 Metal DFC Tilt Rod x 2 
  • M2.5 Set Screw x 2 (M2.5x10mm) 
  • 500 DFC Main Rotor Ball Link TRCH50186 x 2 
  • M2.0 Cup Head Hexagon Collar Screw x 2 (M2.0x15mm)