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Kod producenta: TURN-MUL-4112-320KV
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Producent: TURNIGY

Looking for the ultimate power system for your next Multi-rotor project? Look no further!
The Turnigy Multistar outrunners are designed with one thing in mind - maximizing Multi-rotor performance! They feature high-end 45SH magnets, high quality NMB bearings and High Poles counts for less noise, smooth and responsive power and increased efficiency. They have custom motor mounting and all are precision balanced for smooth running, these motors are engineered specifically for multi-rotor use and are not based on airplane motors.

The 4112-320KV MultiStar is almost too nice to fly! The workmanship and detail in this motor is at a whole new level. It’s fitted with shimmed and pre-loaded NMB bearings and has 570mm long high grad silicon wires. It has dual prop mounting, either a bolt on 6mm shaft prop hub or the 12mm spacing bolt threw prop attachment with a precision upper thrust washer for an unlimited range of props. And with 22P24S pole count its smooth efficient and has loads of torque.

Multistar is simplifying the world of Multi-Rotors with their purpose built product line and taking the guess work out of your setup.

KV(RPM/V): 320
Lipo cells: 4-8s
Max Watt: 660W
Max Amps: 20A
No Load Current: 0.5A/10V
Internal Resistance: .172ohm
Number of Poles: 22P24S (22poles 24 stators)
Dimensions(Dia.xL):46.6 x 29.8mm
Motor Shaft:5mm
prop shaft: 6mm bolt on hub or 12mm hole to hole for bolt threw style props
Weight: 147g
bolt hole spacing: 19mm * 25mm